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  • Acıbadem

    Acıbadem: Patient registration form conversions increased by 44.7% with UX examination.

    Success Story
  • Ekol Logistics

    Ekol Logistics has experienced hundreds of algorithm updates in 4 years long period. Moreover, changing working styles and ever-increasing competition did not affect Ekol Logistics and succeeded in raising its ranking. After each algorithm update, Ekol logistics peaked. SEO leader in all "transportation" and derivative words.

    Success Story
  • Tchibo - SEO Non-Brand Organic Sales Increased by 124%:

    Along with weekly changing product themes, we implemented an unprecedented SEO strategy and We increased SEO Non-Brand organic traffic by 122%, order number by 108% and turnover by 124%.

    Success Story
  • Sateen

    The product paging system we developed has resulted in a 68% increase in organic traffic after 2 months of SEO study.

    Success Story
  • Üsküdar University:

    We identified the researches both students and parents conducted prior to the preference period and we improved the site in this direction. As a result, we achieved an extra 20,000 traffic and 5,000 traffic and registry compared to the previous preference period.

    Success Story
  • İntegral

    In the Integral Securities projects we have been working on since 2015, we were able to take the first place in Forex and forex terms with Forex.com and the first 5 ranks with Integral Securities and Integral Forex projects.

    Success Story
  • Papara

    The 5 month SEO study resulted in 4560% increase in organic traffic.

    Success Story
  • Kiğılı

    We worked on it’s site transfer process in 2015. At the end of the first 2 months we have worked with 50 keywords, by getting 25 of them to rank and the other 25 to the first page.

    Success Story
  • Asmed

    With the Global SEO study, the 12-month study resulted in 154% organic traffic growth.

    Success Story
  • İnci Akü

    After working with İnci Akü which is the pioneer company of the battery sector, out of 20 keywords, such as battery and derivatives, we have succeeded in reaching the first page of 18 of them and in 9 of them to the first rank.

    Success Story
  • Annedukkan - 6-fold Increase in Just 2 Months

    2-month SEO study resulted in a 6-fold increase in organic traffic

    Success Story
  • Uyumsoft - Organic Traffic Increase, Organic Ranking Increase:

    In order to get traffic from all derivative words fall under ERP and CRM, we planned landing pages and strengthened them by performing in-site link building.

    Success Story
  • Akşam

    The 6 month SEO study resulted in 124.2% increase in organic traffic.

    Success Story
  • Esmedya

    Due to our success in the evening news, it has handed us 8 different projects in total, such as Akşam, Güneş, Star, 24 TV, 360 TV, Alem Fm, Lig Radio under the roof of Esmedya.

    Success Story
  • BKM Kitap - 775% Revenue Increase in 1 Month with the Same Amount of Budget

    We contributed to 4-fold increase of the turnover compared to last year as a result of in-site and off-site link building that took 1 year.

    Success Story
  • 428 Keyword Success with ITOPIA - SEO and UX

    With ITOPYA, we achieved 2181% growth in organic traffic in 6 months and we were able to rank on the first page in more than 90% of the most competitive keywords in the industry and we ranked between 1-3% in 60% of keywords.

    Success Story
  • Yargı Yayınevi - Cost Reduction by 47%

    As a result of the optimizations we made, we achieved the same revenue by reducing the costs by 47%.

    Success Story
  • Fonex Cosmetics – 130% Transaction Increase with Shopping Campaign Optimization

    As a result of the SEM study conducted with Fonex Cosmetics, we achieved increases in revenue by 193%, in transactions by 233% and in conversion rate by 130% in just a month.

    Success Story
  • BKM Kitap - Increase in Traffic by 102%:

    As a result of the AdWords study carried out with BKM Kitap, we achieved an increase in revenue by 775% revenue and in transactions by 527% transaction in 1 month with the same advertising budget.

    Success Story
  • Evimemoda - Total Turnover Increased 3 Times with Digital Advertising Investment!

    In line with our AdWords study with EvimeModa, we generated revenue, which is 4 times the cost.

    Success Story
  • Yazlık Villada Tatil - Booking rates increased 3 times with Conversation Optimization

    with the arrangements we've made on the AdWords account of one of the popular villa rental sites yazlikvilladatatil.com, we increased the booking rates 3 times in just a year!

    Success Story
  • Otsimo- SEO Visibility Increased 8 Times with Long Tail Strategy

    In our SEM study with Otsimo, we achieved an interaction rate of 15%.

    Success Story
  • İstanbul Alerji - Number of Daily Appointments Increased to 30!

    The AdWords study conducted with İstanbul Alerji, helped company to receive 1150 appointments within 3 months.

    Success Story
  • Np Istanbul Beyin Hastanesi

    Thanks to the SEO strategy, we started to be ranked in 250 words and increased our organic traffic by 146%.

    Success Story
  • Borusan Mannesman

    Borusan Mannesmann is the first industrial initiative of the Borusan Group, one of Turkey's leading power. We've achieved an increase in both impression and click rates through the elimination of technical errors within the site and through our design interventions.

  • Güneş

    For the SEO study we carried out with Güneş Gazetesi, we increased the site health and increased the visibility of SEO. In order to increase the navigation in the page, the rate of in-page navigation has been increased by associating other news suggestions that may be relevant to the news detail pages.

  • Yataş

    In the SEO studies we conducted with Yataş Group between 2013 and 2015, we managed to rank in the first in all 20 different words of "mattress" products.

  • Migros

    Under Migros.com.tr, Migros has been able to move products completely, 301 directories, and eliminate software and design SEO mistakes.During the design stage, we conducted detailed tests with our UX experts, revealing a user and SEO-friendly site.

  • Haber 24

    We have done SEO studies for more than 30 TV programs that 24 TV has carried out and we have increased the SEO visibility in many categories like News, Economy, Agenda and Sports.

  • Webtekno

    With WebTekno we are involved in the change of software and design process. We were expecting a decline in keywords and traffic in these radical changes, but we have completed the process with more traffic growth than any cost.

  • Lig Radyo

    We have increased the SEO visibility by ensuring that the site is SEO compliant through about 100 SEO criteria in a 2 month period with the on-page SEO works that we have done with Lig Radyo.

  • Anı Tur

    Along with the SEO techniques we have applied to the site, we have been able to reach the first page of about 50 rounds in around 4 months. In this process, we performed detailed competitor and sector analysis and made sure that our competitors did not pass through before us.

  • BRC

    As a result of the SEO work on 2a.com.tr site which is located in BRC Autogas Systems, the keywords such as Autogas and LPG have been relocated to the first page. At the beginning of the study, 10% of traffic was targeted over the targeted keywords, resulting in 60% traffic increase in the target keywords.

  • Finish

    As a consequence of the SEO works done with the leader of the dishwashing detergent Finish, 50 different keys were delivered to the first page.

  • GNC

    Effective performances have been made to resolve technical issues related to Google's indexing of product and category pages.

  • Karel

    With Karel, where we work on security cameras and video devices, we reached the first page of 8 out of 10 for which we worked 4 months.

  • Hekim Holding

    We have been at the 2nd rank with two competitive sites such as Hekim Holding and Prefabric, where we have carried out 7 projects simultaneously since 2014.

  • Kilim

    As a result of the studies carried out, the target keywords were delivered to the first page and the on page SEO regulations were made to raise the site in different keywords.

  • Drd

    The leader of the fleet leasing sector, DRD Fleet, we have demonstrated success by getting in first rank in derivatives such as Fleet and Fleet Leasing

  • Veet

    In 50 targeted keywords, 25 of them were in the 1st rank and the other 25 keywords were relocated to page 1. Along with this success we aimed at, Vanish and Finish company’s SEO works were transfered to Webtures.

  • Kombassan

    As a result of location based SEO works carried out in and around Ankara and Bera Oteller group in which Kombassan Holding's sub-structure located, success in the target keywords and also in organic traffic have been increased.

  • Kymco

    While all of the keywords we carried out in our study were successful in making progress, we also increased in other sectoral keywords that we did not study.

  • Mondial

    As a result of the SEO studies on motorcycle helmets under the Mondial Company, we increased the organic traffic and the number of orders by carrying the upper lines in 5 different helmets.

  • Liv Hospital

    As a result of on page and off page SEO work on child allergies, it was able to reach the 1st page in 30 keywords.

  • Platin

    As a result of the SEO studies done, Platinum Magazine was given top ranking in economy and technology magazines.

  • Ersoy Hastahanesi

    As a result of on page and off page SEO work, an increase of 60% was achieved in organic traffic by delivering 10 keywords to the first page that are not in rank.

  • Yem

    For the sites yapi.com.tr, yemkitabevi.com and yapikatalogu.com, which are under the Yapi Industry Center headquarters, the results of the on page and off page SEO studies were made to reach them to the 1st page.

  • Ukinox

    For SEO performance, consulting services including competitor & sector analysis, on page SEO, Search Console, Google Analytics performance review, UX comprehensive analysis, off page link building analysis and link detox analysis were provided.

  • Grup Florence Nightingale Hastaneleri

    With cooperation of our software team, in the software and design process of the site, 40 out of 50 targeted keywords were delivered to the first page.

  • PWC

    We identified target searches related to audit, tax and consultancy services and carried out studies to provide the most appropriate solutions to the problems of users.

  • Donanım Haber

    With Donanım Haber we are involved in the revision phase of the software and design process. We implemented a feature in it that is not available in different sites. As you scroll the news detail pages, you automatically switch to the next one. Thus, we increased the residence time and surfing rate on this page.

  • İzocam

    We managed to rank in the first place through in-site arrangements, content revisions and competitor reviews in all the words we worked with. We have revised the category tree in accordance with the user search behavior and that enabled users to reach their needs as quick as possible.

  • We designed website infrastructure from scratch for Random Stores, which is one of the projects of Akbaşlar Holding, and we have created a 100% SEO compatible website.

  • Mcan

    Taking into consideration the constraints in the health sector, we carried out transformation performance studies in order to stand out in the UK searches and increase the returns of the collected demand form.

  • Meguairs

    We managed Meguiars' site transportation process, ensuring that all products and pages were fully moved. The URL structures and other SEO strategies we proposed in the new system, provided site navigation and SEO visibility without any traffic loss.

  • Tv360

    With Tv 360, studies have been done to increase the SEO visibility in many programs such as economy, life, sports and news programs. We've made more than 12 program searches to the top, making them available in search results.

  • Wissen Akademia

    In order to make the trainings on System, Network, Software etc. come to the forefront, we performed in-site and off-site link building.

  • İspark

    We have carried out studies to feature the car parks in both the Anatolian and European sides of Istanbul and to direct traffic of the desktop traffic to mobile.

  • Alem

    As a result of detailed SEO analysis, we have overhauled over 70 SEO errors that we have detected. Once these errors were detected and edited, the site's SEO visibility was increased.

  • Zingat

    In the real estate sector, where competition is high, on page SEO analysis and analysis of the SEO study done by the competitors were analyzed, resulting in an increase in the SEO visibility of about 60 different keywords within 3 months. Real estate, a highly competitive keyword was ascended to the 5th rank.

  • Babil

    Within a short period of 3 months, progress was made on all of the 30 keywords that were dealing and a traffic increase of 30% was achieved.

  • JOY Game

    To be the Goley game first, as we progressed to 18 of the 20 keywords we worked, Joygame’s keyword ranks 1st in 812 words in the sector with our recommendations for general site health.

  • Pierre Cardin

    Pierre Cardin achieved a growth of 60% in the organic sessions, with the targeted competitive 50 keywords, taking a 30% growth on the first page.

  • U.S Polo Assn

    Over the past 9 months, US. Polo Assn.’s competitively high 50 keywords have grown by 49% in organic sessions, with 30 of them on the first page.

  • Star

    The 6 months of SEO study resulted in 86.5% increase in organic traffic

  • Garanti Mortgage

    We have created a user and SEO friendly structure by using calculation and interaction forms in landing pages that we have prepared by highlighting the services in searches for housing and business loans.

  • Nun Okulları

    As a result of 6 months of SEO work we have provided a rapid increase in SEO visibility.

  • Foriba

    Onpage SEO and UX improvements have been made in order to rank the target words at top in searches such as e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Ledger and e-Waybill..

  • Tefal

    As a result of the studies carried out, the targeted words were ranked in the first page. There was also a 2-fold increase in SEO visibility and organic traffic.

  • İss

    We have conducted studies that increase organic performance in accordance with search trends for b2b audience for pest control-related derivative words.

  • Elif Global

    Taking into consideration the competition of the international packaging market, we have carried out in-site improvement works for the regions we target abroad.

  • Bosch

    Even if our primary goal is to increase the search visibility in Turkey, we have carried out studies that will have an impact all over the world with the redirects we made during the transition process of the new site.

  • Buderus

    Even if our primary goal is to increase the search visibility in Turkey, we have carried out studies that will have an impact all over the world with the redirects we made during the transition process of the new site.

  • Marka Park

    After optimization work carried out with Marka Park, the total number of transactions increased by 270%.

  • Nikki Beach Hotels

    With the optimization we made in search ads, we increased the cost by only 15% and achieved 147% increase in clicks.

  • Wissen

    Since the day we published the ads, AdWords ads had the highest form conversion rate, which is 47% higher than the average.

  • Bpn

    Despite a 48% reduction in costs compared to the previous campaign period, we only experienced a 12% drop in clicks. We also reduced CPCs by 40% with the optimizations we made on the quality score.

  • Maycard

    When we started working with Maycard, we brought registrations 8.3 times of the channel that brought the most registrations.

  • Morven

    Our display ads were displayed 7.000.000 times and we had an increase in store visits by 200%.

  • Ersa

    When working with Ersa Mobilya, we achieved 17% more sessions with lowering the cost by 69%.

  • GYM Market

    For the duration we worked with Gym Market, our AdWords campaign had less bounce rate than any other channel.

  • Woongin

  • Annedükkan

  • Immergas

    In line with AdWords studies carried out with Immergas, we've received more phone calls than organic calls.

  • Bebegen

  • Tarifebilir

    With Tarifebilir we have reduced lead collection costs up to 2.08 kuruş.

  • Exi5.com

  • Anneler Soruyor

  • Dezge

  • Protek Zaman

  • Marketim Evimde

  • Atrax

  • Easy Route

    We have started to work on ad campaigns to increase download rates of the app for Ford Otosan's Easy Route project. We measure downloads for both iOS and Android.

  • Halı Stores

    We reduced the costs by 45% and increased the e-commerce conversion rate by 29% with Madam10.

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