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SEO and UX Process of Acıbadem

Acıbadem: Patient registration form conversions increased by 44.7% with UX examination

As a result of our analysis, we found that 15% of Acıbadem Landing Page visitors scroll down to footer. However, after determining that 15% of the visitors used the test and form at the bottom of the site 85%, changes regarding the positioning of the form were started.

After testing the positioning of it at several different stages, the form was placed in the "above the fold" position with maximum visibility, resulting in a 44.7% increase in patient registration rates.

Kiğılı SEO Success

How Kiğılı that changed its design, software and domain managed to surpass its own store with the highest sales in terms of turnover within 3 months by working with Webtures?

Ekol SEO Success

Ekol, the Turkish logistics brand that has expanded its fastest market share in Europe, has grown with Webtures in the digital world! Since 2011, Ekol Logistics and Webtures have been running an SEO-based digital campaign.

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