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Such an SEO work into Tchibo was first implemented by Webtures in the world. As a result of the SEO work done; 122% increase in number of visitors, 108% increase in orders and 124% increase in SEO non-brand turnover. Let's examine this SEO technique that is applied for the first time in the world.

Tchibo Website
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Together, we've made the impossible! Our web content is regularly updated on a weekly schedule. Due to special efforts of Webtures that began two months prior to annual work plan, our website is now getting much more traffic than ever.
Bilsev Çatal
Bilsev Çatal
E-Commerce Manager

Tchibo Website SEO Step


Global coffee chain Tchibo, targeted to have an e-commerce site in Türkiye to make sales. As the main target, the following criteria were very important.

  • Increasing the visibility of coffee and coffee machine products.
  • Increasing the visibility of weekly changing products and themes.
  • Reducing the Ads budget by increasing organic traffic.
  • Preparation of action plans for incoming traffic to turn into direct sales.


According to the 1-year publication plan done by the marketing team in Germany and the product plan to be released, the work planning had difficulties in terms of SEO as the products on the site changes almost every one and a half weeks. According to the season, one week stationery products were sold, while the other week products such as sunscreen could come to the fore. Considering that SEO works will make an impact within 2-3 months, we have progressed by starting technical studies 2-3 months before for each product group that will be brought to the fore.

  • Dates for product groups in the 1-year plan will be published.
  • The competition levels of the product groups were analyzed and the competitors of each product group were determined.
  • For the products that will be published 2-3 months after, technical studies started 2-3 months in advance.
  • Promotions of the campaigns were supported by various brand recognition studies.
  • By establishing micro blogs about main products such as coffee and coffee machine, these products were brought to the fore.


We managed to increase Tchibo's SEO (seo non-brand) revenue for non-brand searches by 124% in a year, (several million TL, figures are not disclosed due to confidentiality agreement.). Of course we achieved success in sales of many products with fixed rate of sales such as, coffee, filter coffee, coffee maker. Without a doubt, we planned SEO studies that deserve to be on top for a week or 2-week period, applied for the first time in the world not only in Türkiye As this is a one-of-a-kind SEO work that's outside the standards, and it's been successful a SEO work in Türkiye and carried by Webtures, it has been our pride.

  • 122% Increase in Number of Visitors
  • 108% increase in the number of orders
  • %124 Increase in SEO non-brand Turnover


Increase in Visitors
Increase in Order Number

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